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Every one of us comes across the term "English Communication Skills" so many times in our daily life as used in the context of jobs and employment whether it's a corporate job or business activities. You can generally hear big talks happening around.

But when it comes to managing one's learning and trainings, the English communication skills are very often overlooked. Especially in India and other Asian countries, people still talk about English only as a language without giving much value or a serious thought to the ground reality and importance of acquiring some fair level of English language skills. English skills like most of the communication skills sound too familiar to us and as a result we generally take them for granted. Naturally, all our attention tends to gravitate to preparing for our mainstream subjects like Science, Maths, Commerce, Business Management, etc: working harder, investing more and more time in and hoping for greater results. But have you ever asked yourself 'whether that alone is working for you'?

Let's dig a little deeper into this. It's very obvious the English language has the most ideal vehicle for all types of talents to achieve their desired success on their career path. Even highly qualified job aspirants feel a lack of confidence and self-esteem even after having good command of all other subjects, just due to not having a fair level of skills in English communication.

Simply put, the impact of the English language is not only continuing but also gradually increasing. It is, of course, the language of future. English is transforming its multifaceted communicative structure day by day, and in this process has proved its enhanced utility quotient in India.

By using this language one can become a citizen of the world almost naturally. We must acknowledge, in the today's world, English has become more an indispensable skill than mere a tool of communication for each and every one of us irrespective of our age, gender, religion, region, profession and the social strata we belong to. Most of the organizations have started training their staffers in English to make them able to compete.

So, the heart of the matter is we need to make the best of it now to develop both culturally and materially so that we can compete with the best in the world of geniuses. In fact, your improved knowledge and skills of the English language will pay you back in all walks of life.

And, now wondering where and how to make your English communication rock? The truth is you are not the only person concerned about poor communication skills. Don't worry. We have you covered. We'll teach you how to turn your poor communication skills into great success. If you wish to be a real winner, just join your hands with English Touch: the samurai way of opening the gates for the world of opportunities and rest everything assured upon us. We'll lead you through the super easy way of learning everything that concerns improving your English communication skills. It's so simple that even your kids can do it. You will master all the English communication skills you require to excel in life, without breaking sweat. English Touch is bound to make an impact in your business or career goals. With pretty much too decades of extremely thorough and careful research into the subject, intensive experience in conducting thousands of discussions and other interactive sessions for learners as well as assessing their interactions and overall communication skills, we have contrived a comprehensive study plan and instituted an easy-to-follow system of teaching and learning everything from basic to advance language skills.

Sanjay Kumar Jha, The Visionary Educationalist And The Brain Behind English Touch

Envisioned, conceptualized and developed by Mr Sanjay Kumar Jha, owing to his eagerness, excitement and pledge to train maximum number of people craving for learning ultramodern English skills, English Touch has proved to be the most sought-after learner-friendly institute in its vicinity, which has, in the true sense, shifted the traditional learning methodologies to the futuristic style of learning.

Having earned an M. A. from the University of Delhi and an M. Phil. from IGNOU, Mr Jha started pursuing his passionate career in the field of training, and research and development in the English language. He not only taught and trained his students but also, somewhere in the course of things, he keenly researched and analysed the methodical approach and principles of teaching used by most of the language training institutions in the area. But he found no evidence that the current pedagogy of language institutions had changed over time which could fulfil the function of preparing candidates, especially for jobs as was the need of the hour. Almost everywhere he found there were complexities of contemporary methodologies which seemed to be significant obstacles for students who aspired to learn the basics quickly. He also tried to examine the intellectual climate of the time which he considered was a matter of wide-ranging debate.

The themes of such type of other questions were explored by him in the light of contemporary understanding of learning, curriculum, social contexts, and language pedagogy. As a conclusion, he tried hard to introduce a dimension to the debate over the conceptualization of communicative competence and its implications for the language pedagogy.

All this was not only a matter of intellect but also a test of one's ruthless determination as well as human endurance. However, Mr. Jha's commitment and dedication finally manifested in the form of ENGLISH TOUCH, the most preferred educational establishment of the area which further became a synonym of resounding success and earned him a lot of fame name and fame. This also got Mr Jha noted and listed among the local bigwigs. Thus, English Touch is obviously an outcome of this archetypal gentleman's years of in-depth experience in training thousands of students, housewives, businessmen and other professionals.


Today, with the growing technologies and innovations, you have a whole slew of choices and alternatives to decide for your careers in business and professional services. But when it comes right down to making a great steady progress in your life or career, you are left with nothing other than English as it has become the most preferred medium of expression and communication globally. A fair level of English communication has become the pre-requisite for everyone to succeed whether you choose a professional career or you plan to develop your own businesses and trades. And here what you need most is a qualified support and engagement from a well run and well rounded institution which the current system of education shows a distinct lack of enthusiasm for.

At English Touch, we have very carefully developed the entire language curriculum with flexible and easy-to-follow schedules that would consolidate participants’ language skills by strengthening and upgrading their overall competency in the general usage of the English language in the global context. All of our courses are designed in the way that can meet the need of every participant who joins English Touch, with a purpose in mind. We have a varied selection of courses in the English language and communication to offer – from fundamental to advance.

All of these courses vary considerably in length and level of intensity that cater for all ability ranges. Our courses are systematically structured, designed and scheduled to naturally suit all types of learners which learners can easily connect to. Any of these courses will require very little effort to start up; that’s the beauty of it.


We very well understand that different training methodologies are effective in different context and scenarios and are appropriate for learners and trainers with varying levels of knowledge, confidence and experience. Our approach to training methodologies combines elements of traditional as well as fresh and innovative aspects, which establishes a learning environment that is relevant and effective for all types of learners in their individual contexts. We draw a fair amount of practical experience in delivering result-oriented courses that cover a wide range of topics and skills areas as well as cater to the candidates’ specified needs. First of all, participants, needs and present skill level are evaluated, their learning objectives are set and they are also provided with focussed and constructive feedback. Areas of their improvements are specifically addressed to every individual through progress reviews, analysis and revision sessions. Each and every one of the participants gets equal opportunity to present one’s ideas on any subject from their personal multiple view points.

We are committed, in the real sense, to transform learners’ whole attitude through a well-planned process of practical learning and experience. English Touch will just need an active participation on the part of the participants. The institute also keeps in mind that all the training schedules are distributed as they are proportionate and fit to the normal human attention span so that the participants with even different capabilities can reap the maximum rewards. Turning your dreams into realities is all we attempt to do with a high degree of success. A synthesis of all these ideas and experiences resulted in the emergence of English Touch – the most learner-friendly of spoken English in the area.

Right from the beginning in 2007, English Touch continues to embark upon gradual improvements and its mission to help maximum number of people possible, who experience a desperate craving to enhance their interpersonal communications skills in English. The institute is now on its way to sweep through PAN India. They always have a team of most talented and committed teachers and scholars. They ensure to maintain high level of ethical standards as well as futuristic style of learning, state-of-the-art techniques, and research and development to fulfil the demands of this hyper-competitive era. We provide a relaxed, comfortable and productive learning environment where the quality of learning will also be adequate to meet the future needs of all types of industries. We are all committed here to provide you with all the training, guidance and motivation with which you will gain a high level of competence in English and carve out a niche in your desired profession.


In this day and age, English has become the chief language of communication in the global context. And, its importance is by all means self-evident. Whether its business or corporate jobs, medical or engineering, higher studies or training, one is supposed to have a good command of English. This is where English Touch comes into play to fully equip candidates for their chosen career to make it most thriving and rewarding. Instead of just driving students to merely memorize the grammatical rules and structures, we emphasize on making them comprehend things well from basic to complex course material. We make them self-reliant and powerful to the degree they can themselves differentiate and analyse even the subtle nuances of grammar and composition both in written and spoken forms. We encourage them to frame their own sentences and express their opinions in their own words.

We constantly create a positive and comprehensive learning environment where all learners can have equal participation to feel relaxed and confident, and project more positive image of them. This way we help all the participants explore the full potential by honouring them as diverse individuals. Our curriculum and course structure offer a rapid and consistent progression for every individual, at whatever age they start their English language learning with us. We make sure that all of our participants feel equally treated, included and valued.

All of our learning modules and course materials are amply researched and formulated by a core team of highly experienced and experts professionals in the related field. With a diverse range of courses from basic to advance, from academic to professional, from written to spoken, aspirants have the options to choose as per their career goals, and our research and development unit always keep them updating as per the newest and most frequent trends in the language and as per the need of the hour to keep it competent. Our Communicative English & Patterns (CEP) methods applied in our classrooms comprises of all three components – oral, audio and video technologies which comes handy for all participants. Since its inception in 2007, English Touch has been delivering a wide range of high-quality educational and training services to its clients. Every year, it caters to the language training requirements of thousands of participants. Due to its dedication, consistent efforts and very positive success rate of participants, English Touch has earned a high reputation of being the most preferred and sought-after institute of English language training in the area. We are always here for you with you. So, what more are you waiting for? Come, join us and give your career new rise and take it to the next level.