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Call Center Training

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Call Center Training

Call Center Training

Duration: 3 Months

Fee: 18790/-

In today’s increasingly globalized business world where customer relationship management has become crucial to the success of a company, most national and international businesses rely on multilingual employed. Individuals with a fair level of English communication skills are generally seen walk away with a job of choice easily, earning a good wage or getting desired and fitting promotions fast at work whatever the nature of job.     And call centre training industry is one of which leads from the front.

Thus, eying a high demand from candidates of our other courses, we developed the call centre training course which takes just three months to cover all necessary language skills combined with the dedicated call centre training module. We have created really a powerful new way of enhancing the employability of the youth in all major call centres (BPOs). We focus to train out candidates in all the expected parameters of BPO like:

  1.      Both written and spoken English skills from basic to advance levels
  2.      Communication skills with correct voice and accent
  3.      CRM skills 
  4.      Telephonic conversation skills 
  5.      Questioning techniques
  6.      Listening Vs hearing skills
  7.      Concept of incoming call screening (ICS)
  8.      Barriers to effective communication skills
  9.      Types of call Centres
  10.      Insight into BPO concept in India
  11.      Attention to detail and organization
  12.      Adaptability, empathy, patience, positive attitude

Simply put, we here create such a customer support agent or call centre executive in individuals who can quickly and easily build a strong rapport with customers and go a long way in developing strong brand loyalty as well as personal monetary gain and job satisfaction.


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