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Advanced English Writing Skills

Fee: 7,500/-

Duration : 3 Months


This is a more advanced and sophisticated writing course. It is for individuals who already have a decent level of knowledge of English and expect to raise their level and take it to the next level. Anyone can benefit from this course. However, candidates expecting to gain admissions to higher-level courses like Creative Writing, Journalism, Writing for TV & Radio, Script Writing, any competitive exams, etc which demand in-depth  English grammar and writing skills in conjunction with critical thinking skills. It will make you aware of the types of writing you can expect in your respective exams or career goals.

In this advanced writing course, you will be provided with all writing tips and techniques with a focus on what different styles and techniques work in different scenarios. Aside from covering general writing techniques across all subjects, i.e. Applications, Casual letters, Business letters, Letter to Editors, newspapers, Reports, comprehensions, etc, this course promises sufficient guidance on specific areas of writing functions as:

     Process writing
     Essay – form, unity and coherence
     Paragraph writing (independent topics)
     Paragraph development and unity (long-form writing)
     Journal writing
     Textbook exercises
     Vocabulary study and analysis
     Strategies used in writing coherent and unified essays (both academic and non-academic)
     Writing articles for media
     Writing a cause and effect essay
     Writing sophisticated and argumentative essays on contemporary issues
     Answering expected questions in essays
     How to read and analyse several different articles to form your own personal opinion on a given topic?
     How to establish connections between multiple articles
     How to form thesis statements from your readings
     How to use sources efficiently in order to write an essay or article

Course Fee : Rs.7,500/-

This course includes:

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Online | Offline Clasess

Practice Group | Study Notes

Certificate of Completion

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